Google Shares the Trends Shaping a Digital-First Era in Retail

By Dillan Gandhi

In an enlightening conversation with market trends advisor Cate Trotter and industry consultant Seth Godin, Google’s Strategic Insights Lead for Retail Justine L’Estrange discusses what they have seen emerge as retail trends over the course of the pandemic, and this new era where supply chains are crippled and inflation soars.


None of this is earth-shattering new information, however, to see established titans in the industry highlighting that social media plays a key role in 97% of Gen Z consumer decisions is sobering.


Read the full article here.


We look forward to further discussions on how retail is adjusting to the digital-first era at Google’s upcoming Path of Peak online summit.

Dillan Gandhi is the co-founder of Social8 Brands and leads Amazon and Google Search at the company. Add and reach out to Dillan through LinkedIn here.